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Read Testimonials From Clients of Dr. Kate Potter

Kate is brilliant and I am so grateful to her for helping me thorough the 'journey' I have been on with her over the last year. She has that knack of making you feel really heard and understood - I felt like I could tell her anything and she would respond with compassionate acceptance. She is intelligent and has guided me in finding out many things about how my childhood has shaped who I am and helped me change some unhelpful patterns of thinking. I always felt better, after each session, even after talking about difficult feelings. Thank you, Kate! 
(Client with Chronic Anxiety and Interpersonal Difficulties)

As soon as I had my first session with Kate I had confidence that her compassionate manner and varied approach would help me manage my anxieties. I found her her approach both educational and effective; giving me a strong insight into myself. The methods we used have helped me both to tackle my anxiety and have instilled a refreshed lust for life. I would recommend Kate to anyone ready to tackle their anxieties, I can’t thank her enough for helping me feel myself again.
 (Client with Chronic Anxiety and Interpersonal Difficulties)

Over the months I saw Dr.Potter I noticed a huge reduction in the levels of anxiety and depression I was experiencing. She kindly and compassionately helped me understand my symptoms and how best to deal with them. I am extremely grateful for what she has done for me and would recommend her to anyone. 
(Client with Anxiety and Depression)

"Kate helped me when, during my pregnancy, I began to suffer anxiety and panic attacks. Her caring nature and professional attitude led to some hugely beneficial sessions, which allowed me to identify and tackle the causes of my panic attacks, alongside learning coping techniques for the immediate moment. Kate massively help[ed me to achieve a new balance in my life and I cannot thank her enough for the help, support and guidance she provided me." 
(Client with Anxiety and Panic)

 "I have had a lot of longer term therapy, but none of it was as impactful as the months I spent with Dr Kate. She was kind and thoughtful and adjusted her approach to suit my needs and goals. I can honestly say that my life has improved significantly now, and I feel much better able to cope not only with day to day stresses, but the anxiety and depression that I had previously struggled with for such a long time. Worth every single penny, and if there's anything I want to work on in therapy in future I'll be back to see Kate". 
(Client with Stress and Anxiety)

"Thank you so much for your help and hard work with me this autumn, you have helped me a great deal and with such kindness. I appreciate it hugely."
 ​(Client with Chronic Health Condition)

"Dr Kate is extremely professional and approachable, I have no hesitation to recommend her for her great work. Thank you" 
(Client with OCD)

"I was a bit skeptical about seeing a psychologist as I wasn't sure how it would help with my compulsive gambling problems. However, Dr Kate's professional and caring nature really helped me in identifying some of the root causes and triggers of where the compulsive thoughts come from. She has genuinely helped me in changing my outlook on life in general and I am very grateful for all she has done. I would definitely recommend Dr Kate." 
 (Client with a Gambling Addiction)

"I had completed therapy with Kate after commencing this in 2016. Kate's therapy sessions have been insightful which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have been introduced to new concepts and was provided with an opportunity where I felt listened and understood. Kate's sessions allowed me to reflect upon all that has occurred so that I am able to move forward. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone. She is kind, empathic and open-all the characteristics one could hope for in a therapist. Kate, it has been a pleasure." 
(​Client with Anxiety and Confidence Issues)
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In the nature of transparency and authenticity, we do make a special offer at the end of the call only if you'd like help actually implementing these strategies and we feel we can help you. Is it required? Absolutely not. Will you receive value & insight from this call even if you don't want to work together? 100% yes. Some people will take the information they receive on this call, implement it by themselves, and see great SHIFTS. Some people will see what's possible, and know that working together is just what they need to get results even faster. It's completely up to you but we hope that you'll at least consider scheduling a call, use the information we provide, and let us know what you think!
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